Kyle Larson wins his second Chilli Bowl Nationals

Kyle Larson claimed his second Golden Driller trophy in as many years winning the Chilli Bowl Nationals on Saturday night in Tulsa, OK.

Larson was challenged by the win by fellow NASCAR Cup Series driver Christopher Bell and Justin Grant but was able to give Toyota Racing Development their eight consecutive Chili Bowl Nationals, though TRD did not mention Larson by name only showing a clip of his car grossing the line for the win in their congratulatory post. Larson led all 55 laps of the A-Feature in securing the win at the Tulsa Expo.

The official car count for the weekend was 309.
Results from the event are below.

Chilli Bowl A-Feature Results

  1. Kyle Larson
  2. Justin Grant
  3. Tanner Thorson
  4. Cannon McIntosh
  5. Daryn Pittman
  6. Chris Windom
  7. Ricky Stenhouse Jr.
  8. Brad Sweet
  9. Spencer Bayston
  10. Logan Seavey
  11. Cole Bodine
  12. Alex Bright
  13. Colby Copeland
  14. Christopher Bell
  15. Tyler Courtney
  16. Rico Abreu
  17. Blake Hahn
  18. Kyle Cummins
  19. Michael Kofoid
  20. Chase Johnson
  21. Thomas Meseraull
  22. Brady Bacon
  23. Jake Newman
  24. Joe Miller

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