How CompTIA Network+ Certification Opens Up Your Career to Unlimited Possibilities?

Of all the certifications in the IT industry, the CompTIA Network+ is the most in demand amongst aspiring IT technicians and IT experts. It’s the only credential that covers complicated IT topics such as managing networks, troubleshooting, etc. Acquiring these skill sets is essential for anyone who wishes to work as a Network Field Technician, IS Consultant, System Engineer. Once a professional has the CompTIA Network+ certification, he or she’s on the radar of major tech companies. Having this badge certainly helps you become more visible in the job market.

HR Managers are on the Hunt for Professionals with CompTIA Network+ Certification

Almost every HR manager working for a tech company uses the CompTIA Network+ certification as a minimum requirement for potential candidates. Companies requiring skilled Network Engineers seek this certification because it guarantees that –

  • Professionals can design, implement, and manage the LAN and WAN networks of the company
  • These professionals design system configurations that boost maximum uptime for users
  • They can install and manage an entirely new network while documenting each step

Apart from these specific tasks, a professional with the CompTIA Network+ certification should also be able to work perfectly with all the existing systems in major companies.

How the CompTIA Network+ Certification Is Creating Better Professionals?

Certifications in almost any industry improves the labor force. The same applies for network engineers. A network engineer with a CompTIA Network+ certification isn’t only adept at network-related tasks. These professionals have enough knowledge to deal with their own project management teams.

  • They collaborate with business analysts and other network architects to improve current networks
  • They design and launch new network solutions
  • Facilitate necessary upgrades
  • Install basic network equipment (e.g., proxy servers, DNS, DHCP, etc.)
  • Purchase and manage network equipment from subcontractors on behalf of the company; make necessary network hardware and firmware upgrades
  • Stay involved in all network installations
  • Create customized firewalls for company networks, guaranteeing security
  • Resolve network performance issues instantly; consistently monitor and troubleshoot networks

Can a professional without the certification be able to carry out these tasks? Probably. But, a certified professional absolutely can! That’s why earning this badge means getting more responsibilities at the workplace. As a result, you can earn from $67,510 to $92,740 per year, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Some network engineers even have to consistently report network statuses to company stakeholders! However, with added responsibility, comes a better chance to earn promotions and better salary packages!

What do You Need to Get a CompTIA Network+ Certification?

There’s a plethora of technical information at the CompTIA official website that aspiring network engineers can jot down. However, the essence of receiving a CompTIA Network+ certification lies in certain values. Only some network engineers have these qualities. They are –

What Topics Do I Have to Study?

To obtain the Network+ certification, you need to pass N10-007 exam. This assessment covers such topics as –

  • Basic and advanced networking concepts
  • Cabling, storage, and other infrastructure-related information
  • Creating network operations that boost day to day business practices
  • Network troubleshooting (and all associated tools)
  • Network security

Be it an IS Consultant, System Engineer or a Network Support Specialist – there’s an immense competition for jobs in the IT industry. Still, with the Network+ certification, you have advantages to choose the position, company and the salary that suits you most. And it’s not your battle for the place, it’s the battle of companies for you as a valuable certified Network+ professional.


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