What’s Going On In The World Of Racing Amidst COVID?

COVID has swept across the nation, the world, and the globe, impacting everything that it has come into contact with. It brought many businesses and institutions to their knees. It forced some into bankruptcy and it just brought some to a grinding halt with no outlook as to when things might get back to normal. This is kind of the impact that it had on Formula One. Being that they are such a big and well-established organization, they were able to sustain some hit and losses were other businesses and institutions could not. Most people were hoping that the longer the season went on, the less they would be speculating about COVID-19 and its negative impact on F1.

Instead, they were hoping that they would be discussing the easing of restrictions, getting fans back in the stands, and baby steps back to what now might be considered normal. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case at all. The league is currently having challenges thrown in its direction left and right. While they always put their best foot forward, it doesn’t seem they are always coming out on top.

Drivers Testing Positive

Just look at the most immediate issue facing the league. Some of the drivers are testing positive for the virus, as was the case with Sergio Perez last Wednesday. The young driver took a test that came back with inconclusive results and immediately when into lockdown awaiting the result of a follow-up test. Unfortunately, that follow-up test did not deliver the results that anyone would want to hear. Sergio tested positive for the virus! As a result, he is out of the British Grand Prix. Nico Hulkenberg was all set to replace him, which was good news that at least the league wouldn’t be down a driver. Well, that didn’t go over so well either.

To make a long and complicated story short and sweet, the FIA standards for COVID-19 says that by the time the British Grand Prix arrives, Perez would have served his isolation time, thus allowing him to compete. The only thing was that the rules and regulations for the testing were written in such a way that it took days of studying them for Perez and his team to find this loophole.

Charles Leclerc’s Evening Out Stirs Up Problems

The event above was no doubt troubling and not only caused a stir between the two parties, but it cause a stir among racing gamblers on sites like สูตรบาคาร่า as well. However, it appears that most of that is in the sport’s rearview mirror. Unfortunately though, it looks like only more problems are on the horizon with other drivers. This would have been Charles Leclerc. Just after the races in Monaco were suspended due to the COVID threat, Charles was seen out in public socializing with a supposed friend. Whoever the individual was, it was clear that all the drivers were supposed to be on lockdown, given the threat. He was issued a stern reminder from the FIA.

It was astonishing for most that he was even in Monaco in the first place, given that the vast majority of F1 paddock remained in Austria because of the short gap between the two races at the Red Bull Ring. Leclerc along with Valtteri Bottas saw a reprieve to return to their homes for a few days in Monaco, given the short distance between the two sites. It is clear that were both within every right to do this, but the league was also clear about the code of conduct and strict protocols that it established during the pandemic. No driver, employee, personnel, or anyone involved with the sport is supposed to be socializing with anyone outside their social bubbles.

It was clear that the individual Leclerc was spotted with was no within this realm. In addition to this, it has been said that he was also reportedly spotted on social media among friends. Simply put, it doesn’t look like this young driver is taking these protocols very seriously, which could be a slap in the face for the sport, especially if he contracts the virus.


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