Emerald: a symbol of nobility and magnificence

Emerald ranks among the world’s top five gemstones and is also known as the king of beryls. Like ruby sapphires, it is also a top colored gemstone. The history of using emeralds to make ornaments can be traced back to ancient Egypt thousands of years ago. At that time, another famous emerald mine was named after Cleopatra, which shows the great charm of emeralds custom cufflinks.

The noble temperament emeralds, like aquamarine, morganite, and beryl, belong to the beryl family. Why does emerald appear such mysterious green? The key to solving this mystery is the chromium ion and the vanadium ion. Emerald belongs to the green beryl containing chromium and vanadium, and only the strong gem-grade green beryl can be called “emerald”, and the lighter green is usually called green beryl sister rings. The deep green of emerald is more elegant and charming than other green gems. It is no wonder that it is so admired and loved by the royal families and nobles of all countries in all ages.

When people buy colored gemstones, most of them like to pursue pure internal crystals. However, pure and flawless emeralds are very rare in the market. Although most emeralds contain certain cracks and contents, this does not greatly reduce their unique charm initial rings.

People also gave it a beautiful nickname- the “garden” of gemstones- because of its “colorful” inclusions, which also became one of the main characteristics to distinguish emeralds.
Emerald is a silicate ore, which belongs to the hexagonal system, and most of them are rectangular prisms. It has a mohs hardness of 7.5, which makes it sound tough, but because of its brittleness and the fact that the stone itself is often cracked, it requires protection when wearing name necklace cheap.

Emeralds are not only green, but because of their polychromatic nature, sometimes you will encounter blue-green or yellow-green emeralds.

Origin and History

Emerald is mainly produced in Colombia, Brazil, Russia, Australia, South Africa, India and other places. In the 16th century, Spanish explorers invaded Colombia and plundered many precious emeralds. But the Spaniards at the time did not understand the charm of emeralds infinity necklace with names, which were mainly used to exchange precious metals such as gold and silver. These emerald greens brought by the Spaniards from the New World set off a new wave of fashion in the European royal family. They were deeply attracted by the majestic and noble emerald, and decorated it with their jewelry and crown.

Traditional high-grade colored gemstones such as ruby, sapphire, emerald, and cat’s eye necklace with picture are becoming increasingly rare. Every time a piece of high-quality raw stone is unearthed, the earth is always missing one piece, which is difficult to regenerate. Because of this, those full-colored and crystal-transparent gems make people even more enthusiastic.


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