Best WWE Match Stipulations

Nowadays there are so many different match types in the WWE that it can be hard to keep track of the rules for each one. However, it’s hard to argue that the introduction of many of these hasn’t allowed the WWE to expand and become more popular with iconic moments that has gained mainstream headlines.

Who could forget Mankind being thrown off the top of Hell in a Cell against the Undertaker, and Edge spearing Jeff Hardy off the top of a ladder in the iconic matches that the two respective tag teams had. These matches have allowed the company to go into a new dimension, and the superstars that take part in these matches have been able to excel in their careers after taking their stock to a new level. However, which stipulations stand out more than most?

Money in the Bank

One of the best introductions on the WWE calendar came when the Money in the Bank ladder match was introduced. Nowadays, there are women’s and men’s matches of this type, with the winner being the superstar that climbs the ladder and retrieves the briefcase. Inside the briefcase is a guaranteed title match anywhere and at any time. This has led to not only a host of memorable matches but also moments when titles change hands.

The most notable of which involved Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 31 when Rollins stormed to the ring mid-way through the main event between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns. The fact that nobody expected this to happen was what made the reaction to it so incredible, and it wouldn’t have been possible without this match type. The betting on this match can also be incredibly lucrative, and you can try betting online here for the best WWE markets.

Hell in a Cell

We have already briefly talked about the most famous example of action to come from this match type involving Mankind and the Undertaker, but there is no other match type that is so consistent as producing memorable moments. There is at least one takeaway from every time superstars take to the cage.

The most recent example of which came during a match involving Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon. Shane O’Mac is renowned for doing crazy things inside the ring, and in 2017 he produced yet another moment. Owens was lying on the announce table at ringside, while McMahon was perched on the top of the cage ready to jump him. He leapt off the cage and at that moment Owens moved, leaving McMahon to go straight through the announce table. It was a brutal moment.

Royal Rumble

This final match type is probably the most iconic of them all. The Royal Rumble has been competed on the WWE calendar ever since 1988. The winner of the match is guaranteed a title shot at the upcoming WrestleMania. The match features 30 superstars, each going to the ring at different times and the main aim is to throw their opponents over the top rope.

The women’s version of this match was introduced in 2018. The biggest drawing point to the match is the unpredictability. Superstars often come back from injury during this match, and there are often returns of superstars. It is a must-watch for all WWE fans every year.

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