Scottish Sexy, Thom Evans is the new face that we all drawl all over on TV


Recognise this hunky guy? Tall, dark and handsome, yes that’s Thom Evans. The former Scottish international rugby union player is also model and he is everything we have been dreaming of. He’s suddenly popped up on our TVs carrying an adorable pug and a tray of doughnuts…its torture! And he has done all of this for Dream Bingo, a place where you can simply enter your dreams and play all day.

The advert is based around dream machine van arriving to one lucky winner’s house, who had entered her dreams on the website as Thom Evans, pugs and doughnuts. She opens her door and totally shocked that her dreams she entered on Dream Bingo actually came true!

James Arnold, bingo director for Dream Bingo says; “The TV adverts highlight Dream Bingo’s new offer allowing new and existing players to submit three dreams – “anything from a new car to a box of chocolates” – which will then be made true for selected customers every week by the ‘Dream Team’.


Dream Bingo is great if you are wanting a good laugh, great prizes and most importantly some time out! There are so many different games you can choose from within the site, some including 75 and 90 ball variations of bingo as well as slot and casino games. The games run all day constantly, so you are never going to lose out missing a game as there will always be a game there waiting for you.

Dream Bingo also uses the latest Bingo Software across their site allowing flawless HD graphics and powerful processing power whenever you want to play. These graphics also run across all there sites, whether it be on your computer, tablet or smart phone. You are always guaranteed the highest quality. You are also guaranteed faultless security. They are using the same banking software as some of the major financial institutions, so you can happily enter your details and play with real money without a worry! Which is something you always need to be careful about.

Dream Bingo if definitely the new place to hang out, have some fun and see if you can win your dreams, no matter how big or small.

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