Luxury Diamond Rings and Sports: A Brief History

bryantringProfessional athletes are no different than mainstream celebrities. They both enjoy a life of luxury and are fond of jewelry.

Whether they are commemorating a championship, an engagement or being used as an apology; diamond rings have long been attached to athletes.

Below we take a look at some of the more memorable rings in sports.

Walter Payton’s Super Bowl Ring

The 1985 Chicago Bears steamrolled their way to a Super Bowl victory. While legendary running back Walter Payton never got a touchdown in the Super Bowl win he did collect a ring which had 41 diamonds.

Roughly ten years after the Super Bowl win Payton lost his ring. He later purchased a second ring. In 2001 a student at Purdue named Phil Hong would find the ring in an old coach once belonging to Payton when his dog lost a toy. He later returned the ring to Payton’s widow.

The Kobe Bryant apology ring

Kobe Bryant once wore the No. 8 jersey for the Los Angels Lakers. There were some sexual assault allegations against Bryant in 2003. Bryant later changed his number to No. 24. Throw in a $4 million ring to his wife Vanessa in July of 2003 and all was forgotten after a few weeks of talk.

Of course in 2011 Vanessa filed divorce paper work which brought to question what would happen to the pricey ring. The two called off the divorce in 2013.

Caroline Wozniacki’s golfball sized engagement ring

carolinewozniackiBack before golfer Rory McIlroy called off his engagement to tennis star Caroline Wozniacki earlier this year he purchased a large engagement ring.

In fact at the time we called it a “golf ball sized” ring. Well since that time the wedding plans have been cancelled and both have gone on to win major events in their respective sports.

No information on where the ring currently is residing.

Engagement Proposal by mail goes wrong

How could this one go wrong? A proposal by mail. This is such a great idea.

Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Roy Williams was a disappointment with the team after being acquired from the Detroit Lions. He als0 had a little problem on the dating circuit.

Williams proposed via mail to former Miss Texas USA Brooke Daniels with a ring worth $76,600.

It was Valentine’s Day that Williams sent the ring and other items to Daniels while asking for her to marry him. She declined and later said she did not have the ring. The ring actually was in the possession of her father who returned it in 2011 to avoid a lawsuit.

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