Breaking down the 49ers and Seahawks Tiff: Week 2 in the NFL

All Bodog sports betting fans who keep a close eye on the NFL will know all about the recent history between the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers. The two West Coast teams enjoy a deep-seated rivalry, which starts with the two coaches, Pete Carroll, of the Seahawks, and Jim Harbaugh of the 49ers. The two men have been rivals since their days in college football coaching, and they and their players continue to snipe at each other whenever they can.

Fans of online sports gambling will know, deep down, that the the NFC West divisional title will, in all likelihood, be claimed by one of these two sides. That, in itself, adds a special frisson of excitement to the rivalry, in the eyes of many people who enjoy sports betting. The 49ers have taken the last two divisional titles, with Seattle not having claimed the NFC West crown since 2010, when they actually recorded a losing season.For people who enjoy betting on sports, the key clash in this eagerly anticipated contest will undoubtedly be between the two quarterbacks. Colin Kaepernick of the 49ers and Russell Wilson of the Seahawks have been two of the NFL’s stand-out quarterbacks in recent seasons. They also reportedly have a bet on the outcome of this game. Anyone who enjoys betting on sports will be interested to learn that, allegedly, the losing quarterback will have to shave their eyebrow off. Extra spice is added to the occasion by the alleged behaviour of 49ers coach Harbaugh, after his team’s win over the Seahawks at Candlestick Park last year. There were claims made by the visiting Seattle team that Harbaugh honked his car horn in a mocking way at the team bus as they left the stadium. Harbaugh denies this, it should be emphasized, but there is clearly a festering issue at stake for the Seahawks.

A check of prevailing odds at the Bodog Sportsbook for Bodog football fans have the 49ers taking a three-point advantage into the game in the eyes of the experts, a sign of just how tight the contest could be. One player who could make a huge difference for the 49ers in this game is wide receiver Anquan Boldin. The 32-year-old veteran joined the 49ers from Super Bowl winners the Baltimore Ravens, and his display in week one of 2013 showed just how much he can add to the San Francisco offense.

In the 49ers week one game, a 34-28 win over the highly fancied Green Bay Packers, Boldin caught 13 from 17 passes, racking up 208 yards and one touchdown. He was, for most of the game, clearly the preferred passing target for quarterback Kaepernick. He is sure to be tested by the Seattle defense, though, as the 49ers look to beat their fierce rivals on their own patch this weekend. When playing for the Ravens in 2011, his last game against the Seahawks, he was limited to two catches for a paltry 22 yards. Seattle also conceded just 125 passing yards against the Carolina Panthers last week, making Boldin’s task even trickier.

The Seahwawks’ own receiving game will centre on Doug Baldwin, a man who joined Seattle in 2011 as a free agent. Baldwin endured an injury hit campaign in 2012, and will be looking to emerge from that ordeal as a better player in 2013. His opening week display against the Panthers certainly gives him something to build on, as he recorded solid stats. He received for 91 yards against Carolina, but will face a much tighter 49ers defensive unit. Another key Seahwaks receiver, Golden Tate, will also be hoping to give fans of online sportsbook betting more to cheer about this week too. He caught four out of seven passes thrown to him in week one, recording a paltry 51 yards.

What is certain about this classic match-up between two fierce rivals is that it will be close. Fans should not expect a festival of points scoring, and how the two defenses perform will be key. The result should go either way, but the bookmakers seem to expect that one team will triumph by fewer than seven points. Which one will actually win is much harder to predict.

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