Kershaw feels slighted by Bochy’s decisoin to start Harvey


Who said the All-Star Game does not matter?

“Kershaw, (St. Louis Cardinals starter Adam) Wainwright, all of those guys were candidates,” National League manager Bruce Bochy said in selecting Matt Harvey to start the All-Star Game. “I just think we’ve got the perfect guy, with the year he’s had, and he plays for the Mets.”

Well one person disagrees with Bochy’s comments.

“That’s (Bochy’s) opinion.” said Clayton Kershaw who plays for the Dodgers, a NL West rival of Bochy’s Giants.

Kershaw is 8-6 this season with a league-leading 1.98 earned-run average and .908 WHIP so a case could easily have been made for him to start the game. Harvey on the other hand went 7-2 with a 2.35 ERA in the first half. Harvey’s 147 strikeouts are tops in the NL.

Personally I do think Kershaw should have been starting the game. However, the push for Harvey to start the game started months ago and with the game being played at Citi Field the Giants manager probably wanted to avoid the boo-birds as much as anything else. Of course that is just my opinion.

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